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Does the nightlife keeps you awake?

Then you 're at the right place. A least if your defintion of nightlife is the same as ours. Although we like to party, our defintion of nightlife is: 'all the mammals that are active during the night'. Which includes us, the mammalworkinggroup. We enjoy being outdoors at night searching for mammals, ranging from bats to foxes and from shrews to rodents. That 's why you can see a Garden dormouse (Eliomys quercinus) in the background.

On this website you can find some background informatie about the Mammalworkinggroup, the HTML versie of some issues our magazine called Eliomys and a lot of distrubtion maps. Visiting Belgium? Perhaps you want to help us collecting data for our project 'the distribution of mammals in Flanders'. You can find more information about this project on this site.

If you have any question about West European mammals you can mail it to us. Our mailbox is zwg@jnm.be. We'll try to answer you question as soon as possible.

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